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Are the courses approved and will I receive credit?

Yes, all of our courses are approved through the appropriate state agency and all completed courses come with an official course completion certificate designating the approved clock hours awarded.

How do I get credit for course completion?

Receiving completion credit for your courses varies by state and by type of course completed. Generally speaking, submitting your completion certificate(s) to the appropriate state agency, along with a license renewal or original application is the correct process. We provide you with specific help to ensure you are filing all paperwork necessary to receive completion credit.

How long will it take to finish my courses?

Each course has a specific clock-hour value associated with it. As an example, you may be enrolled in a 3 clock hour renewal course. Most states define an hour of instructions as 50 minutes so this course should theoretically take approximately 2.5 hours. However, whether it takes 2 hours or 10 hours is really not important. Finishing the course is what is important and what triggers your completion certificate. Some states do not require any specific amount of time be spent on the course, only that you navigate through the entire course and pass an exam.

I have finished my continuing education course, what do I do now?

As a general rule of thumb you will submit your completion certificates to the proper state agency along with your license renewal application. Many states allow you to do this online without the need to mail anything. Some state requires your designated broker to sign off on your MCE before it is submitted. Some states require the school to submit certain paperwork showing your completion. In all cases we are here to help ensure you complete the process properly.

I have finished my pre-licensing course, what do I do now?

You will submit your completion certificates and original license application to the appropriate state agency. We supply you with all the proper forms and instructions to ensure you complete the application process properly and timely.

Can I change a course after I have purchased it?

Yes, as long as it has not been started.

What kind of computer can I use?

You may use a PC or MAC computer that has an internet connection. Flash Player and Adobe Reader are also required. We have links for both of these on our home page for easy download. These downloads are free.

Can I continue studying on different computers?

Yes, any computer with an internet connection will allow you to log into your account to continue studying.

I don’t have Adobe Reader, what do I do?

Click here to download it now for free.

What are the computer requirements?

You may use a PC or MAC computer with any up to date web browser. If you choose to listen to the audio lectures, speakers or headphones will be required. A printer is required to print your completion certificates and other various forms and publications.

Can I print out my courses while I am studying?

Yes, but please remember that the course material is copyrighted and only use the printouts for yourself.

How do I file my information with TREC?

To file an original application or renewal, visit and fill out the required information.

How do the courses work?

Our courses are true internet delivered courses. This allows you to move around to different computers to study without ever losing your place in the course, even if you experience computer failure or power outage, etc.; you will never have to start a course or exam over.  Your course will be shown in a multi-media format which includes text, diagrams, slides, audio, interactive animations, and even video (in select courses only). All exams are multiple choice, and the system remembers your answers the moment you click on them, so if you need to leave half way through an exam, you can rest assured knowing it will all still be there when you get back.

Can I take my courses from a Phone or Tablet Computer?

As long as the browser on the device fully supports Flash, JavaScript, and Microsoft Silverlight, you can take your courses on any device. NOTE:  iPad users will need to download an application such as Puffin in order to emulate Flash Player.

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