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 Train Agents Online Real Estate School licensing courses are certified to the high standards for distance education established by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials.

 Train Agents Real Estate School licensed instructors are certified Distance Education Instructors by IDECC, the International Distance Education Certification Center.

 Train Agents Online Real Estate School is approved by the State of Oregon Real Estate Agency and has met the standards for offering Oregon real estate prelicense and continuing education.

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At Train Agents Online Real Estate School, you don't have to leave the comfort of your home or office to supplement your education. Courses can be completed at your convenience and are completely online. Effortlessly complete your continuing education TODAY!


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NEW RULES FOR 2011 and beyond

If you are renewing a BROKERS license for the first time, you must:

1. Complete the Advanced Real Estate Practices course. WE CURRENTLY DO NOT OFFER THIS COURSE. 

2. Self-certify on the License Renewal Form that you have met the Advanced Real Estate Practices course requirement.

3. Fill out a Continuing Education Record form (we provide form).

4. Maintain your certificates of attendance and your completed Continuing Education Record form for three years after the renewal of your license.

5. Meet the new continuing education requirements for future license renewals after January 1, 2011.

If it is NOT your first renewal, you must:

1. Complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education, including the 3 Hour Law And Rule Required Course (LARRC), from a certified continuing education provider (Train Agents Real Estate School, Provider #1111) in order to satisfy your renewal requirements.

2. You will self-certify on the License Renewal Form that you have met the continuing education requirements, and you will maintain the continuing education records for three years after the renewal of the license, including the completed Continuing Education Record form and all certificates issued by Certified Continuing Education Providers.

3. Meet the new continuing education requirements for future license renewals. 

Train Agents Online is an Oregon Real Estate Agency (OREA) approved, Oregon Real Estate School, provider #1111. Our licensed instructors are available to answer specific questions if needed. 


Train Agents Online Real Estate School is a premier private school duly licensed by the Oregon Department of Education, state License # 1734; continuing education provider #1111.  


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Oregon CE Brokerage
This course will instruct on the basics of running a professional real estate firm.
List Price:$ 99.00
Sale Price:$ 69.00
Save:$ 30.00 (30.30%)

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Real Estate Brokerage Course (20 hours). This covers basic real estate brokerage, including the legal requirements for record-keeping and clients' trust account reconciliation and includes the following topics: Advertising, including supervising content, format, and layout; public relations, image development, the Internet, and relations between competitors; office policy on private transactions of licensees; effect of disciplinary action on licensees. Financial records, such as general checking account and its use for paying commissions; receipt of competitive market analysis fees; legal requirements for the clients' trust account, including documentation required, reconciliation, use of interest-bearing accounts, commingling of funds, the trust account's use in cooperative transactions, earnest money, advance fees, and rental fees. Office facilities and the regulatory requirement for real estate offices, including site selection, space and office layout, furniture and equipment; broker license requirements; regulations affecting the office, such as signs; requirements for branch offices, limitations on licenses, effect of actions on licenses, and reporting of adverse litigation. The legal requirements for neutral escrows and co-op transactions; the mathematics of a real estate closing, such as tax pro-rations, computing commission splits, and making closing estimates; closing procedures, such as title insurance, recording, and acknowledging documents. Financial reports, such as income statements, balance sheets, tax returns, and payroll records. Non-financial records, such as listing files, transaction records, cooperative transaction records, advertising folders, showing reports, competitive market analysis records and reports; legal requirements, such as management review of broker transactions. Office manuals that specify office policy and procedures; use of the manual in training and to set out grievance procedures. Office activity other than real estate sales; property management, competitive market analyses, investment counseling, construction and development, including supervisory requirements, as well as the nature of the activities in relation to real estate law and rules.

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Oregon Brokerage Outline
1.Unit A Brokerage - Advertising
2.Unit B Brokerage - Financial Records, Banking Trust Accounts and Closing
3.Unit C Brokerage - Office Facilities, Legal requirements and Discipline
4.Unit D Brokerage - Closing and Settlement
5.Unit E Brokerage - Financial Reports
6.Unit F Brokerage - Non Financial Records Listing and Transaction Records
7.Unit G Brokerage - Office Manuals Policies and Procedures
8.Unit H Brokerage - Office Activity Other than Real Estate Sales

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